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✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

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Despre ✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

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  • Dată Naștere Februarie 14

PC Specs & Gear

  • GPU
    GTX 1080ti
  • CPU
    i7 8700k
  • RAM
  • Placă de bază
    ASUS Z370-P
  • PSU
    Be Quiet (?)
  • Case
  • Monitor
    BenQ XL2540
  • Keyboard
    Razer Ornata Chroma
  • Mouse
    Roccat Kone XTD
  • Pad
  • Headset
    HyperX Cloud
  • OS
    Windows 10

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  1. ✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

    Stupid ive got a new Steam account wtf i dont Need a unban wtf
  2. ✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

    Stfu redneck
  3. ✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

    1. # 28636 Name: zTrusted Steam: STEAM_1: 0: 218001904 + 2. 3. At the First Post i told the Situation 4. Pls reply and have a good day.
  4. ✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

    I can understand this, but i can hear too?. I wasnt even hacking and just because i were switching Aim sites, it doesnt mean anything with tracking! Who isnt Shooting or Pre-Fireing when you see something of Body or Weapon? He gives me too little evidence to confirm to really prove that it was so. He was miss understand the Completely Situation. He said he was thinking About unban me when i didnt lie. But he miss understand this. You know what i mean?. "You must be blind and forget your lies, you said " and me never ever vac" in the screenshot above" He thought i mean with Never ever vac, that i never was vac. So he thought i was lying. But Never Ever Vac is a Player (Friend). There was no Lie or smth like that.
  5. ✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

    You know that you miss understand that, and now not responding?Really!
  6. ✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

    What? You didnt insulted me! Alesc was! This is my Chat with him at Saturday 00:20. it's in german but if you dont believe me you can translate. HIM: i have to go after this round Me: What hahaha (got banned) Him: haha wtf Him: did you get perm ban? me: yes Me: wtf me: ey are you on the Server there? him: YES me: What profile has the Stf guy ( wanted to contact you) him: here is nobody with the Name stf me: hm okay him: what are you doing now? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You must easily check that he was on the Server too! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me: ey me: join my Server / rejoin me me: pls him: i cant join you me: at the Serverbrowser me: me: join there Me: k? him: im too dumb me: bruh him: cant find the name me: open console and type connect, thats the Server ip him: okay. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Friday i played against so many Admins!
  7. ✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

    No men!!! Its my Friend i played on the Server with you, him and Alesc. So Never Ever Vac is a Person, my friend! Him
  8. ✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

    Where did i say that i've got no VAC ban? I didnt say that! I Sayed clearly to Alesc, that i got 1 because he was multiple times saying in the rounds, i have a Vac, i must have to cheat! I Wouldnt write that, when i cheat. I would Show how that im not cheating but how? I can send the Discord conservation!
  9. ✪ zTrusted | AWP.EVICT.RO

    Hey guys! I started last Weekend playing on your Server and i really loved to Play on it. I got a VAC but just because my brother hacked and our Accounts was linked. Now to the Situation: I was playing on the Server (00:20, Saturday) with my Friend Never Ever Vac and we were playing at Some Admins and users. All were okay but after like 10 min they left and we played against Alesc and Stf (Admin). Alesc thought im Cheating cause of VAC! I said multiple Times that he is wrong and i just got a Vac because linked phone number. He said that i have to Suck his D*ck, that im Shit, and that i have to Kill my self. I said he has to chill, and that im not hacking. After Some Rounds i got banned by Stf. Without a Reason. I tried to get contact to a Admin that can help me, and it was hard cause im not Romanian, im Enlish/german. Alesc was just laughing at me via Steam. I Tried to text Stf via Discord. And say that i want to talk. My Conversation with Stf via Discord (Uploaded Image) After that, he blocked me and i couldnt get Help. I Really want to get unbanned! I Would Play everyday on it, and Maybe stream on it. Its a Server with Non-Vac Proof and When there are Hackers, they get Banned. And this is why i love it, You can Play on a Non-Vac Proof Server without Hacker Troubles. Contact: Steam: zTrusted | Discord: zTrustedツ#4049