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Will Smith.

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  1. Will Smith.

    -1 kox, for using commands on admins f0rest down to slot, T.C.
  2. Will Smith.

    Respins !
  3. Will Smith.

    @kSer I was having trouble shot so i wasn't have the access to lock....
  4. Will Smith.

    Respins, nu ai citit regulamentul Lock.
  5. Will Smith.

    Modelul unei plângeri ★ Nick: ★ Nick-ul adminului : ★ Pe ce mapa s-a intamplat: ★ Data si ora: ★ Ce ar trebui sa primeasca adminul reclamat: ★ Motivul reclamatiei : ★ Dovada (se accepta doar print la consola/demo) :
  6. Will Smith.

    Next time be sure, before you open the topic.
  7. Will Smith.

    Model Propuneri si Sugestii ★ Nick: ★ Ce propunere ai?: ★ Cu ce ar ajuta server-ul?: ★ Motiv?: ★ Alte detalii?:
  8. Will Smith.

    ★ Nick vechi: ★ Nick nou: ★ Motiv: ★ Ai citit informațiile și condițiile?: ★ Link de la ultima cerere: ★ Grad deținut: Condiții obligatorii: Respecta modelul sau cererea va fi inchisa. Cei cu grad de BENEFICII, vi se va schimba nick-ul de fiecare data cand faceti cerere. Cei cu grad de ADMIN, vi se va schimba nick-ul doar o data pe luna. Nu faceti doua cereri in timp mai scurt de 30 de zile ! Verificati cu atentie nick-ul dorit,eventualele rectificari pot dura!
  9. Will Smith.

    General regulation The injuries / junctions brought to the staff are penalized with money from 30 minutes to 720 minutes (12 hours). The use of cheats, hacks or any kind of code on the server is sanctioned with PERMANENT BAN (valid for all). The vulgar language or abuse of the SAY command is sanctioned for 5 minutes, followed by BAN (between 10 and 30 minutes). Invalid advertisements (bindings) to other servers, sites, forums etc. are sanctioned with GAG 10 minutes. Voluntary (intentional) advertising will be sanctioned with PERMANENT BAN. The RETRY command after GAG is sanctioned with BAN for 30 minutes. Your nickname must be primarily DECENT and have at least 3 characters. If you have the papers that an admin is doing wrong, complain on the forum presenting evidence, do not argue on the server with him (gag / kick). The retry is forbidden to change the teams (the first time a verbal warning is given, followed by a 30-minute ban). If you suspect a player is using hacks of any kind, use the admin chat (u@) to notify them otherwise you will receive 3 minutes If a player makes CAMP / TURN-BACK / TEXTURE, notify him / her using the admin chat (u@) otherwise you will receive 3 minutes. Whoever uses the wrong admin (u@) will be verbally warned by kick. Whoever announces the unpleasant or offensive players on the admin chat (u@) without having violated any rule, he will be verbally warned by kick. Any COUNTER-STRIKE NVIDIA E7 upwards is strictly forbidden, anything you use a CS will risk PERMANENT BAN. You are not allowed to make the bug by changing your name to make a better rank. Players are not allowed to be a spectator unless they have taken pictures or other issues involving an admin. GamePlay rules You are not allowed to climb the map texture (up on the map) - (slay / kick / ban 10 minutes). You are not allowed to camp - (slay / kick / ban 10 minutes). You are not allowed to use silent walk (shift) than when you want to avoid motion heats (slay). You are not allowed to turn back / tb (camp area) - (slay / kick / ban 10 minutes). Furien regulation You are not allowed to put more than 2 He where you planted the bomb - (slayteam). The bomb can be planted in the last 60 seconds. You are not allowed to make a bug in the bomb, visual (do not see the bomb) or audible (do not hear the bomb) - (slayteam). Admin rules: Commands between admins are strictly forbidden, the only commands you can use are amx_ss / amx_blind. Each admin has the obligation to sit for 15 minutes (talk to each other and change rotation). Before making a vote, make sure that before the same maps were not typing in chat / maps, at least 3 maps per vote. The amx_votemap command is only used in the last 5 minutes. You are not allowed to kick / kick for the field between 22:00 and 10:00. Admins are required to have evidence stored in the PC about the ban given to a player. When you code the demo, wait until you have at least 3 clear WALL / AIM phases. It is forbidden to leverage access to another person, any deviation from this rule will directly lead to the removal of the access. AMX commands (SAY, CSAY, TSAY, PSAY) can be used up to 3 times and only to announce something important. Admins are required to be a spectator on a player when they take (snapshots). Swearing on (u@) is not allowed. You are not allowed to slap a rabble because it does not attack or "pandeste". Only grades (OWNER / LEADER / FOUNDATOR) are allowed to ban not presenting the wargods test. Benefit Admins are required to balance the teams so that they are a nice game. Each admin is required to have an account on the forum. All admins are required to view the proofs (demos, pictures) before giving their opinion to a 0 unban complaint or request. All administrators are required to argue why they gave pro / contra to complaints, unban requests, admin requests, and up requests. All administrators are required to sanction players according to the rules. You are not allowed to move the players as you please. Admins who are absent for more than 5 days have the obligation to announce their absence on the forum. Players who want the admin in future requests to the question "Have you read the rules?" you will post the following answer: zquad Admins asking for wargods will receive (warning / -1). Note: Penalties for violating the rules by admins will be applied according to the severity of the mistakes and as the founder who thinks is the best.
  10. Will Smith.

    Model request unban ★ Nick: ★ Name of the admin who banished you: ★ IP (click): ★ STEAM ID (you are typing status in the console): ★ Date and time: ★ Theme: ★ Did the admin who banned you did the right ?: ★ Evidence (accept only SS / demo in the console): Information *All other non-compliant topics will be closed and disapproved!
  11. To notify you of a possible withdrawal / absence you need to open a new topic using the following model: ★ Nick: ★ Absence / withdrawal: ★ Theme: ★ Duration: ★ You agree if you pass the specified date you will receive remove: Information *You only have one request per month.
  12. Pentru va anunta o eventuala retragere/absenta trebuie sa deschideti un nou topic folosind urmatorul model : ★ Nick: ★ Absenta / retragere: ★ Motiv: ★ Durata: ★ Esti de acord daca treci de data precizata o sa primesti remove: Informatii *Aveti voie doar o singura cerere pe luna.
  13. Will Smith.

    Model cerere unban ★ Nick: ★ Numele adminului care te-a banat: ★ IP (click): ★ STEAM ID (îl afli tastând status în consolă): ★ Data si ora: ★ Motiv: ★ Adminul care te-a banat a procedat corect?: ★ Dovezi(se accepta numai SS/ demo in consola) : Informatii * Toate celelalte topic-uri care nu respecta modelul vor fi închise si cererea respinsa !
  14. Will Smith.

    Model request upgrade ★ Nick: ★ What degree do you have: ★ What degree do you want: ★ Hours accumulated on server (GT): ★ You can help with donation?: ★ Link from last request: Information * You are entitled to 2 requests per month. * The period between up-grade requests must be at least 30 days!
  15. Will Smith.

    Model request admin ★ Nick on the server: ★ Age (minimum 15 years): ★ Link GameTracker with hours: ★ Can you help the server with a donation ?: ★ STEAM ON / OFF: ★ Why do you want to admin ?: ★ Have you read the rules ?: Model request slot ★ Nick: ★ Age: ★ Have you read the guidelines ?: ★ Skype / Steam ID: ★ Link GameTracker with hours:

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