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Aarryah a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe August 29

Aarryah a avut cel mai apreciat conținut!

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  1. Aarryah

  2. Aarryah

    Name: Aryabod Age: 14 Niick: Aarryah Hours played on the server: 0 Have you joined our steam group?: yes Have you invited your friends in our steam group?: yes Have you liked our facebook page?: yes Have you joined our gametracker clan?: yes, Aarryah Have you read the rules?: no
  3. Aarryah

    you got a vac exactly the day the ban wave was... Coincidence? I dont think so!
  4. Aarryah

    PRO, deserves it.
  5. Aarryah


    Pro, i know he doesnt have wh i can vouche for him
  6. Aarryah

    well then you dont know me at all, and if you dont know me please dont assume, thank you and have a good day/night!
  7. Aarryah

    I do not recall this happening because i dont have the best memory but if it did then it is probably because i have something to do more important than speccing at that time and he has asked me to ban multiple people who i had specced for at least half a match and i hadnt found anything. And it may not seem like it to you but you are clearly defending him in every way possible, and i did not make this request for the sole purpose of his ranked getting removed because he worked hard for it and earned, im making this post so he can see how his behavior isnt nice, saying stfu may be nothing to you but still shows his rude attitude. Anyways to finish this argument off like an adult which im not, i made this post for him to realise how rude he has been to me and maybe try to find out why he is like that.
  8. Aarryah

    I have never ignored him in any way, im or tabbed out of csgo or not looking at chat which happens often and i think most of the other people agree with me that he doesnt not have the best of attitudes on the server as of lately. Not to mention he has been rude to me for very long time and i have helped him in any way i could, i have tried being nice with him but he just hasnt changed his attitute and even though he may hate me that should not cause an argument between us on the server as we are in the staff team and we are supposed to be representing the server in a way of sort.
  9. Aarryah

    Nick: Aarryah Nick admin: Gânsacu` Map: de_mirage More details: [SM] ADMIN Gânsacu` i-a dat Mute jucatorului raw sauce ! (Durată: 10 minute | Motiv: noob), So the person that got muted "raw sauce" had also been muted and banned yesterday for mic spam. As "raw sauce" did that multiple times i thought he muted him for that and told him to tell me if "raw sauce" is annoying and spamming his mic so i can ban him for a short amount of time as he had done the same yesterday.(Keep in mind i was being super nice about this situation) and right after that he all of a sudden was being super rude to me even though i didnt do anything i was on the opposite team. Unfortunately this isnt the first time he has acted super rude to me and i doubt it will be the last and this is why im making this request so he undrestands his making in a way. Also i forgot to mention at least half of the times he asks another staff member on the server to spectating someone even though he could very well do it himself and then tell the admin or mod to ban the person after he has the demo. Proofs: Other remarks: I did not make this post to be mean to Gansacu but for him to undrestand that he has a responsibiltiy on the server and he cant be rude to others like he may want to.
  10. Aarryah

    1. Profil steam: 2. Profil jucator: 3. Steamid numeric: STEAM_1:1:181809532
  11. Aarryah

    Pro, i have known him for a long time i know he doesnt use cheats and he has proof
  12. Aarryah

  13. Aarryah

    Name: Aarryah Age: 13 Nick: Aarryah SteamID: STEAM_0:1:181809532 Steam profile: Hours played on server: 440h 37m Have you read the rules?: maybe Current grade: Administrator Why do you want upgrade?: I play the server for atleast 3-4+ hours everyday so I'm online at most times to help. With great power comes great responsibilities and for me those responsibilities are helping the server grow and also getting rid of the people that make the experience of the server less enjoyable for the others. In conclusion i just want to help everyone especially the people who are new to the servers and/or new to the staff team and try my best to make the server a more enjoyable place for everyone.
  14. Aarryah

    Nume:Aarryah Grad:Administrator Profil jucator:
  15. Aarryah

    I have nothing against fyt but I also agree with what the others have said, when he rages/tilts or when someone does something he doesn't agree with or doesn't like he uses the power he has on the sv (Slay, ban, kick) to clam himself down which in no way is professional for someone with that rank on the server.