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kS # RoYaL [;x].

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kS # RoYaL [;x]. last won the day on December 3 2017

kS # RoYaL [;x]. had the most liked content!

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  1. kS # RoYaL [;x].

    pro ore.
  2. kS # RoYaL [;x].

    Contra He Was Admin on other server !
  3. kS # RoYaL [;x].

    1.Nickname on server: kS @ aGeNnT. 2.Age: 17 3.City: Pakistan 4.What rank you want: you'r choise you can see my hours ! 5.Admin on day or night?: Both 6.Hours played (Here):https://www.gametracker.com/player/ks %40 agennt./furien.evict.ro:27015/ 7.Did you read the rules?: CRED CA DA 8.Can you help the server with a donation?: Later ! 9.STEAM ID: - 10.Your facebook: Subhan.mehboob.79 11.First 7 leters from your CNP: PM 12.Experience AMXX: 100%
  4. kS # RoYaL [;x].

  5. kS # RoYaL [;x].

  6. kS # RoYaL [;x].

    Pro ai ore
  7. kS # RoYaL [;x].

  8. kS # RoYaL [;x].

  9. kS # RoYaL [;x].

  10. kS # RoYaL [;x].

    nu folosiți comenzi pe admini PRO -1
  11. kS # RoYaL [;x].

    este bine petru servule PRO
  12. kS # RoYaL [;x].

  13. kS # RoYaL [;x].

    "Am luat la cunostinta si o sa particip"!
  14. kS # RoYaL [;x].


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